Support and Training for Parents and Professionals: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Learning Differences Aged 3-9 and Assessments of Learning Potential

Can You Help Our Child?

I provide screening and assessment programmes for children aged 3-9, where there are concerns about:

  • learning differences
  •  learning delays
  • concentration/ focus
  • general functioning

I also provide assessments for older students who are experiencing academic difficulties and have English as an Additional Language. The assessment uses resources which have been specifically developed to analyse more precisely where difficulties lie, in addition to more conventional tests.I work with Academic Summer, amongst others to provide these assessments when required. The report enables the student and their institution  to develop a better understanding of their strengths and areas for development.

Please note, it is highly recommended that you seek medical advice initially, to establish whether there are any underlying physical causes to be investigated.

Parents can contact me directly for advice or referrals are made through schools, educational psychologists or other professionals working with the child. The screening form can be a useful starting point as this form pinpoints some common difficulties of pregnancy and early development which may have longer term impact on progress and development.

Programmes provided internationally