Support and Training for Parents and Professionals: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Learning Differences Aged 3-9 and Assessments of Learning Potential

Current Fees: 2018

Initial consultation: A 1 hour appointment to discuss concerns and establish whether further investigation is appropriate: £95.00

Assessments of Academic Potential: £380.00: Referral can come from the parent or the school. The initial consultation fee is waived if an Assessment of Academic Potential is booked.

Adapted Assessment 1+ hours, as well as  observations in class for children aged 6 and under:£250.00

Note: Fees may vary dependent on location. Details available on request (For example, you may prefer your child not to be assessed at school).

Follow-up meetings/reviews: £95.00 (One hour),with written summary and recommendations. When appropriate, follow up meetings are scheduled that enable parents to share their thoughts about progress, and new targets and success criteria are put in place, as appropriate.At every stage, the child is kept informed, using a positive approach that recognises effort and that focuses on learning potential, not learning weaknesses.