Support and Training for Parents and Professionals: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Learning Differences Aged 3-9 and Assessments of Learning Potential

What To Expect

Each  assessment process is designed to ensure that the most appropriate tests are given, based on information covering your child’s developmental history and related factors and any existing reports.

My experience and multi-sensory training means that I can offer personalised assessments.  These address the more subtle elements of learning potential that more specific test protocols may not identify. Many children/ students may just appear to be ‘lazy’

‘not trying’


‘not ready or willing to learn’

The reality may be that there are underlying developmental weaknesses or delays that are not identified by the screening and assessment programmes available to schools.

Tests for the following areas can contribute to the content of an assessment:

  • Academic potential  and underlying ability:These are  standardised  tests to evaluate reasoning abilities and assess aspects of intelligence.
  • Specific Learning Difficulties/ Dyslexia tests (including literacy profiling of reading, writing, spelling etc) Specific Learning Difficulties is often a more useful term as many children with dyslexic difficulties may have other areas of weakness which need to be identified and addressed.
  • Fine motor skills evaluation (letter formation and handwriting),gross motor skills (balance and co-ordination)
  • Visual-perceptual tests

Where does the assessment take place?

Generally this takes place either at an office location or at the child/ student’s school.

Am I expected to be there for the assessment?

This depends on the age of the child/student and the type of assessments taking place. Generally it is preferable for a parent to stay with a young child, unless agreed otherwise.

Will I get feedback on the day?

Yes, if you are present. If you can’t be there, we can arrange feedback via e-mail, Skype or other means. You will also be sent a draft copy of the report before it is finalised, so that you can comment on it.