Support and Training for Parents and Professionals: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Learning Differences Aged 3-9 and Assessments of Learning Potential

Recent Training

This year we have trained schools in several locations, working in the primary and independent sectors. The training has been popular as a one-day in-set and also as a twilight introductory session.

The training is organised on a modular basis, that is adapted to provide bespoke training to  meet the clients’ needs precisely. Not all settings will require all modules, depending on existing staff training in place.
Module 1: Child development from a cognitive-motor perspective
Module 2: The Move to Learn programme:o an in-depth theoretical and practical guide to this floor-based programme to support effective learning
Module 3: The next steps! A more advanced programme that combines movements with the curriculum
Module 4: Assessment, monitoring and evaluation protocols