Specialist Support and Training

Talk for Parents and/or Teachers : Early Years and Primary

Currently there are 2 topics that are being offered to schools to share with parents. These can take place at the start of the school day, when some parents are able to attend, or in the evening after school.

Talks are 40-60minutes  long with time for discussion.

Contact me to discuss availability.

The talks are informal, they draw on current research and offer links to cost-effective resources and programmes:

1. Just Go To Sleep! An overview of some common difficulties with sleep in children aged 2-9 ( approximately!) The article below  was recently commisioned by an on-line parents forum . A presentation was given on this subject to the Bridge Academy and raised an interesting discussion about the difficulties of providing quiet bedrooms in very small apartments.

2. 4 Key Principles for Creating Firm  Foundations for Learning:This provides parents and schools with simple steps backed with research links.This is based on many concerns that young children are being expected to sit and be ‘brain focused’ from too early an age.